12 useful reasons to turn your phone into a webcam


From remote wildlife photography to monitoring your 3D printing processes, there are some incredibly useful reasons to turn your phone into a webcam. Compared to a specially designed webcam, using a phone gives you additional wireless mobility as well as remote recording capabilities. It’s a fantastic way to turn your old phone into a highly functional item, and with a series of great reasons for doing so.

1. Broken camera or microphone

Technology loves to crash when you need it, like a microphone or camera that doesn’t work before an important video call via Zoom. If you have an Android phone and a PC, you can download the DroidCam Emergency App for a quick fix, all without leaving your home or office.

2. Pet camera

Shibe Inu dog sitting on a yellow chair

As a pet owner, you might have wondered about your pet’s mysterious life when you’re away from home. Turning an old phone into a webcam will help curb your curiosity. You can check in with your pet at any time by leaving the phone plugged into a power source while the webcam app is running.

3. Craft-N-Chat calls

Specially designed webcams usually work via a USB cable and don’t offer a lot of mobility options. From the seat of your favorite knitting chair, or perhaps at the table with your painting supplies, using your phone as a webcam gives you many comfortable options for video calling your craft group.

Tip: A phone holder will work extremely well in these situations.

4. Baby monitor

IP Webcam is another Android app, and it has both sound and motion detection features that can be used to monitor your child. It could be an inexpensive alternative to a baby monitor system until you are ready to invest in a dedicated product.

5. Low resolution camera

Unsurprisingly, your phone’s camera may have a higher resolution than your laptop’s built-in camera, or even a cheap webcam. Looking at which iPhone has the best camera, you’ll see that entire cinematic shorts have been captured on a phone. If you have a good camera on your phone, why not use it for a more elegant video call setup.

6. Broadcast a live event

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Without requiring a large setup and with the ability to move around easily, using your phone to broadcast a live event is a fabulous and affordable option (think a church service, a school concert, or even a wedding for those who can’t. not attend). All you need to do is copy the url link from your live stream and share the link with whoever you want

7. Capture wildlife

As a cheap alternative to a remote-controlled DSLR camera, you can use your phone instead to capture photos of wild animals. Some webcam apps will allow you to automatically capture an image when the camera detects motion. The photo is then uploaded to a cloud file saving service like Dropbox. Whether you’re a bird watcher or just looking for cute images for your social media, give this one a try.

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8. Catch animal intruders

Some webcam apps provide night vision which can help you catch the animal intruder in your yard. Use your phone as a webcam, watch who eats your vegetable patch, or catch the scavenger sneaking in your trash.

9. Safety at home or in the office

Turn a circulation full of old and obsolete phones into security cameras. Compared to installing a complete security system, use a telephone in this manner; reuses old technology, costs much less to install, and can be quickly installed and dismantled.

10. Visualizer for teaching

Remember how teachers used light projectors to display information on the wall? You can do the same by using your phone as a webcam and viewing the live stream on a digital projector or on individual computers. While there is dedicated equipment that does just that, your workplace may not yet have the technology. Try this for an affordable, yet ingenious teaching tool.

11. Vehicle reversing camera

Creating a rear view camera for a vehicle shows the breadth of creative ideas for a phone webcam. More of a fun project to try, this setup will work best in an RV. You can set up the phone and webcam through the rear window and stream the images to a laptop in the front of the vehicle.

Note: Be careful to pay attention to the latency in the video stream!

12. Monitor long processes like 3D printing

3D printing can be time consuming – we’re talking about hours for some projects to be completed. Position your phone within sight of the machine and monitor the printing process from a second room if something goes wrong. Allows you to focus on other chores or sit down for worry-free coffee

Reinventing the webcam

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A webcam was once a piece of hardware dedicated to video calling, but now you want to be able to stream live footage, record video remotely, or just sit and knit from your couch while you make a video call – all good reasons to reuse an old phone. Creating your own webcam with your phone can save you in an emergency, or become a fantastic DIY teaching tool, or help you create your own home security system.

While not everyone has access to a good webcam, most of us have a phone with a camera or a few old spare parts in storage, and the possibilities are plentiful.


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