98FM’s Big Breakfast – Rebecca and Brendan chat with Lewis Capaldi


Lewis Capaldi joined the Big Breakfast this morning September 12th to chat with Rebecca and Brendan!

The Scottish icon discussed street life on Grafton Street with Niall Horan, and eating his first roll of chicken fillet from Dublin’s famous Gay Spar on Georges Street, and what secret ingredient he added to spice up his roll!

Lewis also opened up about his dodgy stomach and how he had to cancel 2 gigs last week due to the ordeal!

Lewis gave Rebecca and Brendan the scoop on what his new song “Forget Me” is and how he wrote it!

Capaldi also revealed to Rebecca and Brendan that he will be releasing a new album at some point in the near future and that he would like to return to Ireland soon and insisted that although he did not have a gig scheduled here soon he would love to pass, even if it was “just for the craic”!

The Scot also revealed his favorite song to go to karaoke and what he thinks about people who take karaoke too seriously!

And if you ever feel bad about losing things, don’t worry! Lewis Capaldi is just like all of us when it comes to forgetting some of the most important things as he reveals in the interview!

Listen to the full interview below!

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98FM’s Big Breakfast – Rebecca and Brendan chat with Lewis Capaldi

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