Adult cam site suffers from massive security breach


According to a recent report, the adult webcam website has left nearly seven terabytes of private data exposed on the internet. The massive leak contained nearly 11 billion records, including payment history, email and chat logs, and IP addresses.

A recent report from safety researchers at Safety Detectives claims that adult live streaming website, which is owned by Irish company Granity Entertainment, exposed a server database containing 7 terabytes of dating production logs. from March 16, 2020 and increasing daily. .

The Elastic Search database was reportedly completely insecure and included a huge amount of user and business information, including a large majority of email data records owned by users in the United States. The Americans were the group most affected by the leak, along with the Brazilians and Italians.

The owners of the site were contacted immediately and the server was secured shortly thereafter. After contacting, the safety team at Safety Detectives received a quick response which also advised researchers to contact another company called and are both owned by a parent company called Surecom Corp.

10.88 billion records including personally identifiable information have been released due to the unsecured server. The data disclosed included:

  • Last name and first name
  • Email addresses
  • Native country
  • Registration dates
  • Gender preference and sexual orientation
  • Device Info
  • Various user details such as spoken language
  • Usernames
  • Payment logs including type of credit card, amount paid and applicable currency
  • User conversations
  • Transcripts of electronic correspondence
  • Inter-user conversations
  • Chat transcriptions between users and CAM4
  • Token information
  • Password hashes
  • IP addresses
  • Fraud detection logs
  • Spam detection logs

Some newspapers have additionally revealed the password information of the users. The number of leaked emails has exceeded several million according to the researchers. US, Brazilian and Italian users were said to have been the most affected by the leak.

In January, Breitbart News reported another massive breach of the “pussycash” webcam network. This leak mainly focused on the personal information of the camera artists.

Read the full report on here.


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