AnkerWork B600 video bar review: Expensive all-in-one webcam solution


The first impression you’ll get when seeing the AnkerWork B600 for the first time is that it’s huge, at least by webcam standards. There’s a reason it’s called a video bar rather than a webcam – the name sounds like a fusion of a video camera and a soundbar. That would certainly be an accurate assessment given the material it contains, but more on that later.

At 1 pound, it’s certainly not light, but it’s not heavy enough to weigh down desktop monitors, even those hanging from an arm. This figure, however, is taken into account when trying to use the camera with a laptop, as it will weigh down the lid. Of course, the B600 video bar does not need to be attached to a monitor, and its 360-degree rotating bracket allows it to be installed in different places and angles, as long as the USB-C cable can still connect the Bar video and your computer.

The AnkerWork B600 is mostly a plastic affair, with the back half covered in a fabric-like material to denote the placement of the dual speakers. The front has a sturdy plastic cover that opens to reveal the 2K camera. The lid also houses the light bar which helps even out your skin tone in different lighting conditions. The video bar has no physical buttons but instead opts for capacitive buttons; it’s like a slider that controls the intensity of the light, plus there are two buttons on the right and left sides of the video bar to toggle the mic and light, respectively. You won’t need a separate toggle for the webcam since the light bar automatically functions as a privacy cover, which is ideal over a soft switch.

With all the features of the B600 video bar, it’s perhaps no surprise that it uses more than one cable to operate. There are two USB-C ports on the back of the device, one dedicated to data and another just for power. It’s unfortunate that you have to plug the B600 into a separate power source, even if that means just another USB-C port on your computer, which makes cable management more laborious than necessary. There is also a standard size USB port that is only compatible with certain AnkerWork products, such as an external microphone.


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