Best Webcam for Zoom Meetings: AUSDOM’s high-quality webcam is Zoom certified and winner of the Red Dot and IF Awards


(Photo: AUSDOM Webcam)

If you meet regularly via Zoom calls, are an avid Twitch live streamer, or spend quality time with friends overseas to catch up with them, now is the time to switch to the best camera for zoom and all other applications.

Of course, you’ll go over the most crucial qualities to consider when buying webcams and any video-producing device. Luckily, this webcam is Zoom-certified and has won two major communications and design awards, guaranteeing its quality, design, and other aspects.

Which webcam works best with Zoom?

When looking for the best webcam for Zoom, you will no doubt come across several well-known brands like Logitech, mean, Nexigo, and others. But you might not know that another brand, AUSDOM, competes with one of the best Zoom webcams in the market.

AUSDOM, founded in 2014, is an international brand specializing in audio and video conferencing scenarios. They aim to bring people together by focusing on services and products around online video conferencing. AUSDOM products have been widely used in various fields including live broadcast, online education and video conferencing. This is achieved by focusing on the development of video and audio image technologies using proprietary visual and sound sensors with Al algorithms.

Webcam Zoom AUSDOM

AUSDOM AW651 is the best webcam for zoom which has a 1080P 60fps streaming camera and is zoom certified. It is a computer camera with two noise-cancelling microphones, with a switchable FOV from 60° to 75°, 2K QHD HDR resolution and a USB connection. It comes with a built-in privacy slider and tripod, as well as an autofocus feature.


(Photo: AUSDOM Webcam)

The Red Dot Awards for Product Design recognize the best products of the year, and the award was given to AUSDOM AW651 for its good design and creativity.

According to the jury, it was awarded for being an exceptionally useful object, in which the camera impresses with its functionality and user-friendly design. It’s also one of the few Zoom-certified webcams.


(Photo: AUSDOM Webcam)

Main characteristics

Distortion-free 2K QHD video resolution, HDR compatible: This 5 megapixel QHD 2592*1944 lens 2K webcam features HDR technology, dramatically improving the contrast and color range. Bright areas of the image may become noticeably brighter. The Zoom webcam would provide a wide range of vivid colors in video quality. Thanks to its powerful sensor, this best webcam for Zoom delivers distortion-free photos and movies.

Wide-angle webcam with adjustable field of view: The AUSDOM AW651 has two switchable fields of view, allowing you to change the FOV from 75° to 60° when placed on a computer monitor without worrying about being too wide or too narrow. With this best Zoom webcam, you can easily choose the perfect field of view to display your room.

Autofocus and Smooth 1080p 60fps Video Streaming: The PC webcam’s focus capability can provide specific details about material displayed on your paper or whiteboard during lectures or online classes. When testing the webcam, you will find that it has a maximum video frame rate of 60 fps at 1080p resolution. This video resolution supports 2K for great detail, but only at 30 frames per second.

Note that this high-end 2K HDR camera does not have zoom in/out functionality. This feature is only available when switching between 30fps and 60fps as a zoom in/out option is available during the process.

Built-in dual noise canceling microphones: It has two built-in omnidirectional noise-canceling microphones that can filter out at least 85% of circuit and background noise, improving voice pickup and audio clarity. So, in addition to being the best webcam for Zoom meetings, it also works best for:

  • OBS, XSplit
  • Twitch, YouTube and other streaming apps
  • Facetime, Facebook and other video calling apps
  • Xbox One and other game endings
  • Registration for online schools

USB webcam with privacy slider and tripod: The built-in privacy cover slider on the AUSDOM HD Zoom webcam allows you to change the contents of your video display at any time, effectively protecting your privacy. A privacy cover would effectively stop potential hackers with a flick of a finger.

The package also includes a 1/4″ tripod stand, which allows you to place the AW651 webcam on your desk to start an instant conference or meeting, or you can hold the tripod to get a different angle when live streaming .


  • Two noise-canceling microphones
  • Angle 60° and 75° switchable
  • Built-in privacy cover slider
  • Up to 60fps/1080P
  • Quad High Definition 2K and HDR
  • Provides the clearest view in just 0.5 seconds with autofocus function
  • Zoom certified and winner of the Red Dot and IF Awards
  • Best webcam for Zoom and other apps that require a webcam
  • Return or exchange within 30 days
  • One of the first brands and products to equip webcams with integrated privacy covers
  • Own factory and development team to guarantee high-end products

The inconvenients

How do I use my webcam on Zoom?

The advantage of this camera is that it is completely plug-and-play. Most customers would like to avoid annoying disc installation on their PC or undetectable BlueTooth connections. With this webcam, you can configure it in the most preferred way:

  1. The AUDSOM AW651 comes with a USB connection, so just plug it into your computer and start using it right away.
  2. Log into the Zoom client.
  3. Click your profile picture, then click Settings.
  4. Select the Video tab. You will see a video preview of the selected camera.
  5. From there, you can select a different camera.
  6. In this case, select AUDSOM AW651 and you are good to go.

Which device is best for Zoom?

Overall, AUSDOM AW651 is the best webcam for Zoom and other applications. It has an autofocus camera that produces colorful photos and crystal clear movies in low and high light, up to QHD 2560 x 1440 pixels.

It can record true Full HD 1080p video with smooth motion and stunning detail at 60fps in fast settings. Thanks to the two noise-canceling microphones, which effectively filter out outside noise, the person you’re talking to will enjoy clearer, purer and stereo sound.

You can get yours at Amazon for a 20% discount or shop at AliExpress Where AUSDOM official website.

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