Best webcam to buy in 2022


The best webcams to buy in 2022 will help you stream to Twitch, YouTube, or your favorite streaming host with great visual fidelity. After all, professional-looking streams will help you attract and retain an audience, and it’s just more fun to watch high-quality streams. Additionally, a webcam can improve the quality of your production by allowing PIP (picture in picture) of your face in addition to your gameplay. However, there are plenty of webcams on the market, and while virtually all webcams will work for your live stream, some stand out above the rest. We’ve tested all of the following webcams you see below, so you know they’re worth your money and time. Here are our picks for the best webcams.

The best webcams

In addition to the webcam itself, there are a number of accessories that can help improve your stream and broadcast. These include key lights to ensure your webcam is well lit, green screens to remove your background from your stream, and Elgato’s Cam Link to allow you to use a DSLR camera as a webcam for obtain the best possible visual quality. The prices shown below indicate the current price of a product and do not reflect any current discounts or fluctuations. Amazon offers product discounts all the time, so you might be able to get one of these webcams for a lot less than usual.

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Editor’s Note: Article updated June 24, 2022

Best webcam to buy in 2022

Other Key Webcam Accessories

key lights

Elgato light key
Elgato light key

Key lights are a must if you want to get the best picture. These will help eliminate shadows, especially around your eyes, allowing your viewers to see you better and providing a more professional overall look.

Green screens

Elgato Green Screen
Elgato Green Screen

If you want to eliminate your background and take up as little screen space as possible, a green screen is the way to go. However, if you choose a poor quality one, it will only make your stream worse. You will also need to ensure that the green screen is wrinkle free and in one color. You can achieve this by nailing down your lighting setup, eliminating any shadows that darken parts of your green screen.

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