Block 2022 episode 21 recap: Ankur and Sharon return to the site with a new mindset and a quick decision helps a team win


With Room Reveals imminent, The block the site is bustling with all the usual chaos. As usual, Sarah-Jane is in the heart of the matter.

The fool can’t find the blue basin that will be the star of his bathroom.

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“Saturday morning I woke up and drove around almost crying because I thought my life was ruined,” she told the cameras.

After a morning spent frantically searching for the basin, Sarah-Jane finds it in the back of the security guard’s storage van where he put it in a safe place.

Sarah-Jane’s blue basin is not the only one to reappear today.

after leaving The block after a clash with Scott Cam, Ankur and Sharon return to the site with a new mindset.

“We have to wake up every day and be positive from this day forward and accept that this is a TV show,” Ankur told the cameras.

And it looks like the pair are practicing what they preach, making amends with their chief builder Liam – who they’ve had a rocky relationship with for weeks now. Ankur and Liam even kiss her.

“Everything is fine at house 3,” smiles Liam.

It’s such a fresh start that Ankur and Sharon say they feel like they’ve “reaffirmed their vows.”

And to celebrate the turning of a new page, Scotty calls out a sizzle of sausages and a run between the houses.

Dylan of the 4th house faces the trades of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th houses. The Blockhead is the fastest on the track even without shoes.

Dylan wins fastest man title The block and $1,000.

With no more time for fun and games, the competitors get back to work. And there is “so much to do”.

Rachel and Ryan “hope everything will be done before 3 am”.

But they are “very late” after Keith orders them to fix a shower sill that was leaking water through the window.

Ankur and Sharon are also lagging behind.

“Where we always fail is because we never have enough time to paint because of the size of our house and the time it takes to get there,” Sharon told the cameras.

The couple find themselves in the “standard no-sleep situation”.


As everyone manages to deliver their rooms, time slips away from Ankur and Sharon and there are still a few things left unfinished.

All teams need a win, so they head to The block headquarters to hear Scotty read the judges’ comments and hear the scores.

Tom and Sarah Jane

Tom and Sarah-Jane’s guest bedroom is the benchmark and the tartan wallpaper is a hit with the judges.

“I’ve loved everything Tom and Sarah-Jane have done so far, but not as much as I’ve loved it,” Darren Palmer said.

Shaynna Blaze notes that the piece was “constructed by a truly trained eye”.

The Block 2022 - Week 5 - Tom and Sarah Jane
Tom and Sarah-Jane’s tartan wallpaper is a hit with the judges. (New)

She thinks style is so relevant that Sarah-Jane could be a full-time interior designer.

“It’s their career after that, I’m not kidding,” Shaynna says.

Upon entering the bathroom, their opinion does not change.

“It’s beautiful,” says Neale Whitaker, marveling at the mustard tiles.

And Shaynna is delighted to see that Tom and Sarah-Jane have given in and installed a shaving cabin.

The judges notice some minor paint issues, but say that doesn’t take away from an “incredibly confident piece” that “really tugs at the heartstrings.”

See their full hall and judges’ comments in the gallery below:

In images, in pictures

The Block 2022 - Week 5 - Tom and Sarah Jane

Tom and Sarah-Jane’s guest bedroom and bathroom

A big risk pays for Blockheads.

See the gallery

Rachel and Ryan

Although they’ve moved into the modern extension of their home, Rachel and Ryan have injected some country elements into their bedroom and Shaynna is pleasantly surprised.

The judges say it’s a good piece but it’s a bit “shy”.

“Everything has to be grander, has to be taken to the next level,” says Neale.

The Block 2022 Rachel and Ryan 5 Bed & Bath Week Season 18
There’s nothing shy about Rachel and Ryan’s bathroom. (New)

But Neale minces his words when he walks into their bathroom.

“There’s nothing shy about this bathroom,” Neale says.

The judges are thrilled to see that Rachel and Ryan have found their groove.

“There’s not one sure thing here and everything I see I love,” Darren says.

Shaynna is thrilled to see Rachel and Ryan’s style come to life.

“If it’s their contemporary look, I think it’s amazing because it has personality,” she beams.

Judges call bathroom ‘magazine worthy’ and name it Rachel and Ryan’s
“best bathroom ever”.

See their full hall and judges’ comments in the gallery below:

In images, in pictures

The Block 2022 Rachel and Ryan 5 Bed & Bath Week Season 18

Rachel and Ryan’s guest bedroom and bathroom

The room “worthy of a magazine” leaves the judges in awe.

See the gallery

Ankur and Sharon

As always, the judges are impressed with the grandeur and scale of Ankur and Sharon’s room.

Ankur and Sharon's bedroom The Block 2022 Week 5
Ankur and Sharon’s unfinished space was filled with hits and misses. (New)

But as they look a little closer, Neale identifies “suggestions of trauma” in an unfinished room, including a messy painting and even a vacuum cleaner left in the cabinet.

“There’s a lot of panic here,” Shaynna adds.

The Block 2022
Ankur and Sharon didn’t have time to remove the vacuum cleaner from the closet. (New)

“We still see the core of what Ankur and Sharon are very good at, which is creating lavish, over-the-top drama,” Darren notes on the positives.

“What I also see is the panic of a torturous bad week,” he adds.

The pink bathroom is no better presented, but the judges decide to celebrate its successes.

“The layout is perfect for an ensuite bathroom,” says Shaynna.

“I love the colors.”

See their full hall and judges’ comments in the gallery below:

In images, in pictures

The Block 2022 - Week 5 - Ankur and Sharon

Ankur and Sharon’s guest bedroom and bathroom

The judges left disappointed with the unfinished space.

See the gallery

Dylan and Jenny

The judges remark that Dylan and Jenny’s bedroom “lacks the grandeur and scale of some rooms”, but say it “packs absolutely as much punch”.

Neale thinks it’s a “really accomplished room”.

And the artwork is the biggest space win.

Dylan and Jenny Week 5 Guest bedroom and bathroom The Block 2022
The artistic choice of Dylan and Jenny seduced the judges. (New)

The judges then enter the bathroom and Darren is over the moon in Dylan and Jenny’s bathroom.

“I love this tub, I love this tile, I love the feel here, I think it’s really beautiful,” he says.

But Neale and Shaynna couldn’t disagree more.

The layout “doesn’t work” for Shaynna and she wonders why the tub is pushed against the wall.

Neale isn’t a fan of the style, especially not the shower loofah hanging from a plastic suction cup.

He reminds Dylan and Jenny that buyers will be drawn to the luxury style.

See their full hall and judges’ comments in the gallery below:

In images, in pictures

The Block 2022 - Week 5 - Dylan and Jenny

Dylan and Jenny’s guest bedroom and bathroom

A detail is described as “terrible” by the judges.

See the gallery

Omar and Oz

Shaynna falls in love with the “Zen aesthetic” of Omar and Oz.

While Darren thinks the low bed makes “everything feel really spacious and like one big beautiful void”.

The position of the artwork baffles the judges, as it rests on the headboard. “Guess the artwork isn’t supposed to be there,” Neale says thinking it must have fallen off.

Either way, he loves the choice of illustrations.

The 2022 block, Omar and Oz, week 5
Omar and Oz are the reigning “bathroom kings”. (New)

Omar and Oz retain their title of “bathroom kings” as the judges are equally impressed with their bathroom.

Neale is surprised by the gray terrazzo-style floor tiles. “It’s a very unusual tile for me, but I really like it,” he says.

And the judges have nothing but praise for Omar and Oz’s toilet paper origami flower.

“I would literally wear it like a bracelet,” Shaynna admits. Although Darren thinks it would be best designed as a fascinator.

See their full hall and judges’ comments in the gallery below:

In images, in pictures

The Block 2022 - Week 5 - Omar and Oz

Omar and Oz’s guest bedroom and bathroom

The kings of the bathroom offer another “extraordinary” space.

See the gallery

Guest bedroom and bathroom scores

It’s usually Scotty’s cue to reveal the scores, but before he does, he has an important question to ask. Will Tom and Sarah-Jane play the Gnome and add an extra point to their total score?

Sitting shoulder to shoulder with Omar and Oz, Tom and Sarah-Jane decide to play the Gnome forward.

Tom and Sarah Jane: 30 (including bonus point)

Rachel and Ryan: 26

Ankur and Sharon: 22

Dylan and Jenny: 24.5

Omar and Oz: 29

Tom and Sarah-Jane win for a second straight week and take home $10,000 and a mature tree. After scoring a 10 from Neale, they also pocket $5,000 from the Catch Cow.

Finalists Omar and Oz are not leaving empty-handed. They also score a 10 from Neale, which means they get $5,000 from the Catch Cow.

The boys also have the next kitchen week to prove they can pull off a win.

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