Camo app: use iPhone as a Mac webcam with FaceTime, Safari


Reincubate launched its Camouflage application in 2020 to seamlessly upgrade your Mac’s webcam with the iPhone you already own. Over the past two years, the app has been continuously updated and today marks a milestone. Camo now has official support for using your iPhone as a webcam in FaceTime, Safari, and QuickTime Mac apps.

As I covered in my original review, Camo is an awesome app that gives you precise control to use your iPhone as a 1080p Mac webcam. You can choose which iPhone camera lens to use, resolution, flash level, zoom, as well as customize white balance, exposure, brightness, temperature, etc. .

Camouflage worked with popular video services like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Skype, and through browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. A tricky part, however, was FaceTime and Safari support.

After talking with Apple over the past two years, Reincubate was able to integrate official Camo support into first-party Mac apps. Available today with version 1.6 (macOS 12.3 required), Camo lets you use iPhone natively through FaceTime, QuickTime, and Safari.

“We’re thrilled to bring the power and simplicity of Camo’s video superpowers to millions of Safari, FaceTime and QuickTime users,” said Aidan Fitzpatrick, CEO of Reincubate. “This update is the result of two years of conversations with Apple about how we can get the most out of their devices’ amazing cameras, and it’s available free to all users running Camo 1.6 and macOS 12.3 or newer. .”

I was able to test the new update before the release and it works great for using iPhone in Mac apps. With Safari, just search for Camo Camera in the settings of the video call service you’re using.

For FaceTime, simply click “Video” in the menu bar, then choose “Camo Camera” to switch from your default Mac webcam to iPhone. And in QuickTime, when you go to record a new movie, click the drop-down arrow next to the record button to find Camo Camera as an option.

Camo is available for Mac and PCAndroid in test too – with a free and paid Pro version (both ad-free).

Whether you’re disappointed with the new Studio Display webcam or haven’t tried Camo yet and are ready for an upgrade, it offers simple setup and a wonderful application experience with dramatically improved webcam quality. .

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