Charlie Puth’s conversation with Maney and a message to bullies: ‘You’ll be sorry’


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 31: Charlie Puth performs onstage during Yoop eSpace Live Interactive Global eConcert at Microsoft Theater on March 31, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for ABA)

During Charlie Puth’s conversation with Maney, he had a message for bullies. “You’ll be sorry!”

Charlie is a good friend on the show. He zoomed in with me to talk about his new album “Charlie” which will be released on October 7th. We talked about her long fingers, her house renovation, and her new song “Left and Right” with BTS’s Jung Kook. The thing that I loved about our conversation this time around was when we talked about bullies.

Dean, my 4th grade son, had just told me minutes before our scheduled interview with Charlie that he had been bullied. Apparently he and some other friends went fishing near my house. When they got there, college kids showed up and started swearing and saying not-so-nice things. I wanted to get Charlie’s point of view on the subject. It was always on my mind and I knew it would have a great outlook for my son and other bullies this school year.

Charlie didn’t tell Dean to tell an adult. He didn’t say if you see something you should say something. We all know that. He came to the whole issue of bullying from a new and different perspective. He wonders why anyone would choose to be a bully? So what is Charlie Puth’s message for bullies? “You’ll be sorry!” You will be sorry when the person you bullied becomes your boss one day. Or maybe you need a favor from that person. What will he remember of you? Perfect insight!

Such a beautiful conversation. Check it out!


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