Create an awesome video presence every time you use your webcam from now on for under $ 18


XSplit VCam Premium will enhance your backgrounds for everything from Zoom calls to live game broadcasts.


Even if things return to a semblance of normalcy, it looks like video interactions will remain common for the foreseeable future. In addition to Zoom meetings, there are regular video calls, vlogs, podcasts, virtual interviews or consulting services, teaching, talk shows, streaming games and more. So if you want to stand out among the masses, forget about those fake backgrounds and improve your video presence with an affordable lifetime subscription to XSplit VCam Premium for Mac and Windows.

You’ll be able to easily create cutting-edge backgrounds without having to use expensive green screens, complex lighting setups, or a lot of space. Just open your video conferencing app and add XSplit VCam as a camera source. Then you can give your webcam a Portrait or DSLR style effect using the built-in adjustable blur slider. Or you can completely replace your background using your choice of an image, webpage, YouTube, or other video.

XSplit VCam works with streaming applications such as Streamlabs, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), and XSplit, as well as all major video chat and conferencing applications. So you can use it with Zoom, Google Hangouts, Slack, Skype, WeChat, Discord, etc. XSplit VCam even lets you use a mobile device as a webcam.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to have a high quality video presence that puts everyone else to shame. And keep in mind that another benefit of custom backgrounds is the ability to keep your location anonymous, so no one will know if you are working from exotic locations.

This lifetime XSplit VCam Premium subscription is discounted to $ 29, but new users can get an additional 40% off for a limited time during our VIP sale with promo code VIP40.


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