Daughter racks up $5,000 on dad’s credit card in in-app purchases


Nowadays, many games and applications have adopted the freemium model. This means that instead of making the game a paid game, the developers and publishers are making it free to download and play for free, but additional perks and benefits would be locked behind in-app purchases.

This meant that if players wanted to remove ads, or if they wanted to unlock cosmetics, extra bonuses, etc., they would have to pay real money to do so, and it wouldn’t be a one-time thing because there always has new updates, new skins, etc. that would get players to pay for it, which happened with an 18-year-old girl who racked up $5,000 in credit card debt on her dad’s credit card.

Speaking to Global News, Okotoks’ Jerry Marion told the outlet that his daughter was spending between $200 and $250 a day, resulting in a final bill of nearly $5,000 at the end of the month. According to Marion, he claimed his daughter didn’t know exactly what she was buying and it was real money that was being used.

According to Marion, “She thought it was just credits piling up and the dollars piling up, it wasn’t hitting her credit card.” Marion has since tried to contact the developer to help resolve the issue, but hasn’t heard from the company. He also tried to seek a refund from Apple, but his appeals were denied twice.

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