eMeet C970L webcam takes the market lead, providing maximum user experience and convenience


Thanks to the growing need for high-efficiency, user-friendly electronic devices, the C970L webcam from eMeet was designed to improve productivity and provide a unique remote video experience. The webcam highly assists people who are looking for a webcam for conference meetings, game streaming, and also online studies. The electronic privacy mode can be activated simply by light pressure, which shows the concern for consumer’s privacy requirement and user’s convenience.

the eMeet C970L is a 1080p HD webcam with 60fps. It also comes with a high-sensitivity autofocus feature, easily capturing fast-moving people or objects with smooth video quality. This top-notch video quality helps users present their best to their audience. If there is an internet problem, the resolution can also be reduced to 480p, depending on the users’ needs. eMeetlink, a freeware compatible with macOS and Windows, could perform this resolution adjustment as well as others, such as filters, brightness, frame rate, image flip, etc. This handy app tracks all firmware updates and ensures the longevity of the webcam. .

Two noise-canceling microphones are built into the webcam, providing a more natural and real sound from the presenter. eMeet’s mic has its own technology algorithm to muffle most background noise and pick up presenters’ voices to let the audience hear what they’re saying clearly. At the same time, the C970L webcam minimizes connection delay during use.

There is a ring light that comes with the webcam, with a three-level light adjustment feature. The light can be controlled and switched simply by light pressure on the top of the camera. Soft light provides and maintains clear video status. The camera also has automatic low-light correction functions. With the high quality and auto focus function of the Webcam C970L, users could have ultimate use process even in dim light environment. Whatever the situation of video conferencing, live streaming or distance learning, it provides a smoother video and calling experience.

About eMeet

Established in 2016, eMeet believes that a truly smooth and seamless video conferencing tool can transform the way we experience virtual teamwork and collaboration. By creating solutions that ensure everyone in the meeting room is heard and seen, eMeet not only helps those struggling to work from home, but also enables a future where anyone can work from anywhere. without worrying about connectivity and productivity.

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