Gregory Zarian and Paul Witten discuss LGBTQ+ visibility in “That’s Amor”


Netflix is ​​all about love in new movie It’s Love.

The film follows Sofia, played by Riley Dandy, as she tries to find love at a local cooking class.

Emmy-nominated actor Gregory Zarian stars alongside Paul Witten, as they play adorable husbands David and Todd.

“Our couples represent this beautiful love story. For me, love is love and love wins and [I got] working with someone I really like,” Zarian said.

The modern romantic comedy features couples from all walks of life, with Gregory and Paul’s on-screen chemistry lighting up the screen as cheerful members of the cooking class.

“The fact that they included a gay couple who were happy and didn’t have any of the tropes often thrown at gay couples, the fact that it was an older gay couple…I love the fact that they represented a few things in there,” Witten said.

With the film’s LGBTQ+ representation, Witten hopes audiences can feel seen.

“I hope there are young, little gay people out there who see this and see that we are as boring as all married couples! Someone young will see this and see that it is not precious …it’s in no way treated other than completely normal,” Witten said.

It’s love is streaming now on Netflix. Check out the trailer below!

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