Here’s how the NexiGo Iris delivers DSLR quality with the convenience of a webcam


NexiGo (opens in a new tab) new webcam, the NexiGo Iris (opens in a new tab) is now available. This innovative new webcam is the ideal webcam for professional streamers and content creators, as it provides DSLR-quality video with the convenience of a webcam.

The iris is built with a 1/1.8 inch Sony STARVIS sensor. It offers improved low-light performance and wider dynamic range for better image quality. The STARVIS sensor was originally designed for surveillance cameras, so it captures exceptionally clear images even in low light situations. Concretely, this means that Iris users will have much more freedom than usual in the way they light up their spaces.

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Equipped with an HDMI port, the NexiGo Iris can output lossless 4K (3840 x 2160) video for post-processing. This allows users to store all of their images and videos in the highest quality without sacrificing color, contrast, or sharpness. The Iris also features advanced AI facial recognition for auto framing and tracking, allowing it to detect people in its field of view and automatically center or track them as they move. Another useful feature for content creators, it has a Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode ideal for presentations and demo videos.

The Iris provides built-in flash memory which saves all settings directly to the webcam itself for easy use. Users can switch between multiple computers with their webcam without having to adjust their settings each time. Additionally, the Iris comes with a remote control that opens up a full on-screen display menu for detailed tuning adjustments. No additional software is needed, so everything can be changed from the webcam remote.

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The NexiGo Iris has been Zoom certified to achieve high standards in audio quality and visual performance. The Zoom team put the Iris through its rigorous testing process and found that it exceeds all relevant standards for its platform. This means it will deliver impressive visuals and sound with accurate color reproduction that suits Zoom and other conferencing applications for all types of meetings.


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