IDS reveals uEye XC to bridge the gap between industrial camera and webcam


With uEye XC, IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH is launching an industrial camera with autofocus that is as easy to use as a webcam.

Configuration and commissioning of the 13 MP USB3 camera only requires a cable connection. It then immediately delivers high-resolution, detailed images and videos. Unlike consumer sector webcams, uEye XC is specifically designed for industrial needs. Its components are distinguished by long availability – a must for industrial applications. It is used, for example, in kiosk systems, logistics, the medical sector and robotics applications.

Thanks to the built-in autofocus module, the Vision-compliant USB3 camera can easily handle changes in the distance of objects. In terms of appearance, it stands out with its elegant and light magnesium casing. With dimensions of just 32 x 61 x 19 mm (W x H x D) and a screwable USB Micro B connection, the camera can be easily integrated into image processing systems. Its 13 MP onsemi sensor delivers 20 fps at full resolution and guarantees high image quality even in changing lighting conditions thanks to BSI (“Back Side Illumination”) pixel technology. Useful features such as 24x digital zoom, auto white balance and color correction ensure that every detail can be perfectly captured. With the IDS Peak Software Development Kit, users can configure the camera specifically for their application if required.

From process and quality assurance to kiosk systems, logistics automation and medical technology: the autofocus camera can be used in various ways in industrial and non-industrial areas. With the quick-change macro attachment lens, users can easily reduce the minimum camera object distance. This also makes it suitable for proximity applications, such as diagnostics.

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