Latest edition of GroupGets’ hackable thermal webcam, PureThermal 3, purchasable via bundle purchase


RENO, Nev., August 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GroupGetsa science and technology crowdfunding and group buying platform, has just launched the latest edition of its custom line of thermal imaging webcam modules for the heart of the FLIR Lepton longwave infrared camera: the PureThermal 3.

The initial campaign of PureThermal 3 will launch with the Teledyne FLIR Lepton FS at a bundle price with a goal of 10 units supported; however, there will be 1,000 available for purchase.

The device enhances its basic functionality as a plug-and-play UVC thermal webcam to connect to webcam apps for PC, Linux, Mac, and Android. The integration of Teledyne FLIR’s Lepton LWIR (Long Wave Infrared) cameras provides a cost-effective solution for gadget makers, conservationists and the tech-savvy public to use for PCB design, security and monitoring, habitat improvement, wildlife monitoring, etc.

This latest edition includes:

  • A USB-C connector
  • Flash custom firmware with USB DFU
  • Serrated edge with full JTAG breakout for fast flashing
  • 3 pin GPIO STM32F412CG
  • Breakout for SPI to communicate directly with the Lepton
  • Bypass pin configuration partially compatible with MikroBUS

“The motivation for the new design was primarily to address component shortages, but we took advantage of this to create a new form factor,” said covered griffin, chief engineer of GroupGets. “My favorite part of the new design is the JTAG breakout along the scalloped edge at the top. This, in combination with a custom jig, which will also be available for purchase soon, allows for faster fab flashing compared to DFU on USB.”

Since the release of the original device in October 2015, there have been more than 30 successful funded campaigns of the PureThermal line on the company’s platform that have attracted 660 supporters, individuals and businesses. The line of devices has been listed on multiple distributors, including DigiKey for retail.

GroupGets was founded in 2013 to alleviate the drawbacks of common minimum order quantities in purchasing components in the hardware market; the power of group buying has further enabled a unique business model to allow developers, technologists and researchers to host their initiatives with a crowdfunding tech-interested audience.

For backers interested in getting their own device, visit this link: If companies wish to acquire multiple devices for their use, they are encouraged to contact GroupGets Sales Manager, Crystal Arellanofor high volume direct sales.

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