New lawsuit filed in Michigan school mass shooting


The lawsuit was filed Thursday in Oakland County Circuit Court on behalf of Tate Myer’s parents, William and Sheri. Chad and Meghan Gregory, whose son Keegan was hiding in the school bathroom with Justin Shilling when Shilling was shot and killed, are also named as plaintiffs.

The lawsuit was also filed on behalf of Lauren Aliano, whose daughters, Sophia Kempen and Grace Kempen, were hiding in classrooms during the shooting.

A classmate, 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley, is charged as an adult with murder and other crimes. His parents, James and Jennifer Crumbley, were later charged with manslaughter.

Prosecutors said the gun used in the shooting had been purchased days before by James Crumbley and their son had full access to it.

The school, in Oakland County, is about 30 miles (50 kilometers) north of Detroit. It reopened on Monday with its interior remodeled since the shooting.

In December, Jeffrey and Brandi Franz filed a pair of lawsuits in federal court and county circuit court seeking $100 million each against the district. Their 17-year-old daughter, Riley, was shot in the neck. Her 14-year-old sister, Bella, a ninth grader, was next to her when she was shot.

Their lawsuit says school officials and high school staff did not do enough to prevent the shooting and protect the students.


Williams reported from West Bloomfield, Michigan.

Mike Householder and Corey Williams, Associated Press


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