New to the area, an ax throwing site targets Mankato


November 5 – Located right in the heart of downtown Mankato, there is only one place where getting the ax can be considered a good thing.

JD’s Hideaway Mankato Ax Throwing brings a new experience to the area, featuring the hustle and bustle of a new bar and restaurant with an added activity that is growing in popularity more than ever.

Assistant manager Angela Rivas said bringing five ax throwing lanes to Mankato has been an exciting experience.

“It’s great because the closest for ax throwing is I think about an hour away if not more,” she said.

“A lot of people are excited about it, especially since we have a really big menu, so it draws people in. Our outdoor terrace with our garage door that we can open when the weather is nice has been a big draw. we also have 36 taps.”

JD’s Hideaway opened in early August, and Rivas said business has been getting busier ever since.

Mankato isn’t their first location, Rivas said, with their business also in Altus, Oklahoma, but owners Matt Ertman and Jesse Doyle have local ties.

“One of the owners is local and the other lives in Altus, but he’s from Mankato, so they wanted to bring something new and exciting to Mankato,” she said.

Ax throwing isn’t as intimidating as it may seem to some, with Rivas adding that it’s important to remember to wear closed-toe shoes.

“If you come in and you have open-toed shoes, we won’t allow you to throw. There’s really nothing special about how to cast.

If ax throwing isn’t your cup of tea, JD’s Hideaway has a number of other different entertainment options.

The site has pool tables, air hockey, a golf simulation room, arcade games and darts.

Ax Throw Two

Ax thrower Aidan Christenson said the activity was easy to understand, describing it as throwing darts.

Holly Marie Moore

Aidan Christenson, who said it was his first time in the new location, described ax throwing as fairly easy to master.

“It’s pretty basic. It’s kind of like a dart board, so as long as you can get up and throw the ax on the board, you’ll be good. Not much strategy after that,” he said .

He added that aside from ax throwing, the site has a great vibe.

“It was awesome. We just walked in, took a little tour of the place. They have a lot going on. They have ax throwing, they have golf simulators, great food what I’ve had so far,” he said.


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