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See if this sounds familiar: you’re going to a new school and have moved away from home and everything familiar so you can make a new home and meet new people. Not only do you have to figure out where everything is for the first time, but you also have to find your place in that environment, but you can’t help but look forward to what the future holds.

For some of you, you may have experienced this a few years ago, but for many it was only a few weeks ago. For those of you who still find a home here in Ferris, I’m here with you! I have a new job at a new school, I meet new people and I have so many new things to learn. Just like you, I face challenges, successes, failures, and new relationships, while trying to keep those precious past relationships alive.

Pink will leave Grand Rapids Community College, where he has served as president since 2017. Photo courtesy of Bill Pink’s Executive Assistant, Amy Autsema Bennet

Once again, I am with you! Although I am convinced that there will be challenges during my time at Ferris, experience has taught me that I will learn and improve through these challenges. You too will come across classes, situations, and sometimes people that will make you think, “Was that the right decision? However, I believe that we each have the power to make our decisions the “right” decisions as we grow up in them.

On October 8, I will have the pleasure of being inaugurated as the 19th President of Ferris State University and the first Black President of Ferris State University. However, my selection for this position was not something that I was lucky in, just as my acceptance of this position was not something that I decided lightly. There were hundreds of small decisions in my adult life that led up to next week’s grand opening, and let me tell you, most of them didn’t feel “historic.”

One of the things I like the most about working with students is that you are just starting a life of making mature decisions. You are so full of opportunities! No matter where you come from, no matter what you have done so far, you are here. At Ferris, we all have opportunities to learn, opportunities to grow, and opportunities to become the best versions of ourselves. I am thrilled to grow alongside you and know that together we will bring about historic change, not just for Ferris, but for the world.

One last thing: celebrate your victories. They are well worth the party!

I look forward to meeting each of you because together we will overcome challenges, enjoy our victories and help each other along the way. Welcome to the school year, Bulldogs!


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