Prince Harry had a serious conversation about the British army’s ‘homophobia’: ‘The problem is gone’


Prince Harry once shielded a soldier from sexist comments during his time in the military.

The Duke of Sussex, who was a tank commander in 2008, bumped into James Wharton, who was teased over his sexuality.

Wharton was ridiculed by his teammates for being gay, an issue he raised with Harry. The Duke didn’t take long to resolve the matter after an honest conversation with his fellow soldiers.

Speaking later to Forces News about the incident, Wharton recounted the scene.

“I kind of put myself in a situation with some soldiers from another regiment and basically they didn’t like the fact that I was gay.

“They were kind of prickling my chest and making me feel uncomfortable.”

He continued: “I walked into my tank where Prince Harry was doing something, and he could see that I was clearly affected by something, and he asked me what the problem was.

“I told him there were a few soldiers outside who weren’t very happy with the fact that I was gay.”

Harry had a discussion with his colleagues, “the problem disappeared”.

Wharton said: “Quite offended that his gunner was harassed by these people, Prince Harry came out and saw these soldiers and spoke to them, and the problem went away.

“He scolded them and they left me alone,” Wharton noted.


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