Raspberry Pi changes webcam background with custom images


With the growing popularity of video conferencing, the demand for real-time video effects has also increased. With the help of this Raspberry pie Freedom Tech project, you can replace background of your video stream with the color or custom image of your choice. The project uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically change the background by detecting where the edges of the person are in the frame.

While this technology isn’t exactly new and can be replicated locally on many PCs using software, this is the first time we’ve come across someone using a Raspberry Pi to automatically filter the image of a Raspberry Pi. ‘background. Freedom Tech uses a few familiar tools to complete the project, including OpenCV and Python.

It is one of many projects developed and shared by Freedom Tech, most of which are open source. In fact, we recently covered their OpenCV-based distance sensing project which uses a camera and AI to estimate distance values ​​without a distance sensor. Previous projects often include various machine learning and AI-based applications like this one text detection project which was also created using Python and OpenCV.

To make this project work, you’ll need a Raspberry Pi. While smaller versions like the Pi Zero will work, you’ll likely have more success with a more capable model like the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ or a Raspberry Pi 4. In addition to the Pi, you’ll need some sort of camera to capture the video stream. In this case, Freedom Tech uses a USB webcam, but a camera module would work just as well.

Freedom Tech provides a comprehensive video setup tutorial detailing the necessary libraries and dependencies, as well as how to create the custom Python script that brings it all together. The main tool used in this project is CVZone which is responsible for managing the AI-based system that draws the edges that the background should adhere to.

If you’d like to recreate this Raspberry Pi project, check out the comprehensive tutorial shared by Freedom Tech on YouTube that outlines all the details you need to build it from scratch. Be sure to follow freedom technology for more exciting AI-based Pi projects and tutorials to do it yourself at home.


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