Review: Teza 4K Ultra HD Recording Webcam


An affordable 4K ultra high definition webcam for recording and working from home.

Good points?

Trust meets the needs of modern remote working practices by designing a webcam that can perform extremely well in most environments and positions.

Delivering top-notch 4K visuals, this Teza model is a great option for most situations that require high-quality visuals for recording or video calling.

Its 74-degree field of view means you’re not confined to one spot right in front of the camera and have the freedom to move naturally without disappearing from the screen.

An autofocus lens also helps with this aspect as every position you take will be captured instantly. A dual stereo microphone balances stunning visuals with equally good sound, ensuring you’re heard clearly when it matters most.

Webcam” alt=”HeraldScotland: Trust the Teza 4K Ultra HD Webcam” class=”editor-image”/>Trust the Teza 4K Ultra HD Webcam

The device couldn’t be easier to set up. Just plug the USB cable into your computer and voila, you’re ready to roll with your favorite software.

Trust provided truly flexible positioning options by means of a suitable tripod that can be adjusted and moved anywhere. You can also attach the camera to any laptop or monitor for a traditional experience.

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A privacy shutter is a nice and often overlooked touch in image capture products that can operate unattended.

Bad points?

The two meter USB cable may be limited in some scenarios and should be replaced.

Best for…

Those who want a full-featured, affordable webcam that does everything right.

Avoid if…

Looking for something to facilitate a budding streaming career, because that might not be enough.

Goal: 9/10.

Teza 4K Ultra HD recording webcam, £119.99 (


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