Shack Chat: What’s your favorite Batman game?


Gotham Knights is out today, so with that in mind, the staff at Shacknews is heading into Gotham City for this week’s Shack Chat. The Riddler put forth a one-question riddle: What’s our favorite Batman game? Shacknews’ staff superheroes remember our favorite bat games and offer a wide range of answers.

Shack Chat: What’s your favorite Batman game?

Telltale Batman Shadows Edition – Ozzie Mejia, Senior Dark Knight

I’m actually going to go in a more unexpected direction, because it would be really easy for me to name my favorite Arkham game. However, one of the best Batman titles I’ve played, one that examined Batman’s role as Gotham’s hero and cast doubt on the legacy of the Wayne family.

I thought Telltale’s take on Batman was outstanding, based on what the developer had put together with the Walking Dead games and a story-driven game that also managed to mix in a lot of the action elements that you could expect from a Batman adventure. . The story got even more interesting with the sequel, which took a fresh look at the dynamic between Batman and the Joker, which certainly isn’t easy given how long these two have been at odds with each other and the multitude of stories that have already been told. Since I couldn’t choose just one, I’ll go for the Telltale Batman Shadows Complete Edition.

Batman (NES) – TJ Denzer is now humming Streets of Desolation

Source: Sunsoft

Listen, I love Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Batman Telltale games, and many more featuring the Caped Crusader, but I’m going to imagine that the moment you read my answer, level 1 music came to you in mind if you know. Batman on the NES was a Sunsoft game, and probably one of the best games they’ve ever produced. It is a side-scrolling beat ’em-up platformer that stars the iconic Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson as Batman and Joker respectively.

It’s as tough as nails and it was ridiculously hard to beat. Batman had a limited number of gadgets which included a batarang, a bat disc, and what appeared to be a straight bat gun. Now yeah, I know it doesn’t look exactly like Batman, but it wasn’t like those gadgets made the game any easier either. In fact, their limitations made careful spacing out of their use mandatory. That said, when the incidental music hit in this game, none of it mattered. Streets of Desolation could probably be considered one of the best music tracks for any NES game of all time and the rest of the soundtrack was nothing to sneeze at either.

Batman may have continued to have incredibly complicated and fun games over the decades since, but to me, nothing quite matches the fun and simplicity of Batman on the NES. Go listen to the song. Your day will be better for it.

Batman: Arkham City – Blake Morse, can we trust him?

Source: WB Games

There’s no denying that Arkham Asylum was a monumental moment in gaming that broke new ground in a number of ways, probably most notably in how it handled combat. The plot, voice acting and visuals were all spot on and it was close to the perfect Batman game. For me though, Arkham City took all of that and gave me what Arkham lacked, the ability to feel like the bat patrolling the streets of Gotham. Granted, it was a piece of Gotham that had been turned into a huge prison, but it scratched that itch nonetheless. It’s the most Batman I’ve ever felt in a Batman game. The opening of the city and the many activities, such as the Riddler’s deadly puzzles, have painted a tapestry that has me traveling to every corner of the game world. Just talking about it makes me want to dive back in Just for fun. I am the night!

LEGO Batman: The Videogame – Sam Chandler has two big claw hands

Source: WB Games

What’s better than a realistic Batman game or playing Batman in a fighter? LEGO Batman. That’s right, all the charm of LEGO, mixed with delicious humor, and add the iconic bats. What do you get? Kind of a jumble of blocks of good times. LEGO games have always been engaging with their exploration and just the delightful sound of LEGO being built. But what really enhances the experience is playing the role of the ultimate detective.

Batman: Arkham Asylum – Morgan Shaver, fan of Mark Hamill’s Joker

Source: WB Games

It’s extremely difficult to pick a favorite when it comes to Batman games, but if I had to pick one, I’d have to choose Batman: Arkham Asylum. I absolutely loved the distinct, sharp, adult side that Arkham Asylum exhibits throughout its history. The intense action, combat, and overall themes are brutal in the best possible way, and for some reason I got similar vibes playing Arkham Asylum as I did watching Batman: The Animated Series. of 1992 for the first time.

Maybe it’s because I love hearing Mark Hamill as the voice of the Joker in both, with Kevin Conroy as Batman. Arkham Asylum offers everything you would expect from a Batman game. And overall still holding up well 13 years after its 2009 release. Arkham Knight.

Batman: Arkham City – Community Manager Dennis White

While Arkham Asylum was a great entry point, Arkham City gave me almost everything I could want from a Batman game. I remember standing in line for the midnight exit and spending the whole night walking around and exploring the city. The open world was huge and I had so much fun diving into the side missions featuring many of my favorite villains from different comics. Deadshot, Mr. Freeze, Hush, and even Clayface were used in a way that felt like I was playing through an immersive narrative experience. I still fondly remember how surprised I was when I found Scarecrow’s secret room and Easter eggs. I really appreciate these kinds of surprises.

Until the recent Spider-Man games, Arkham City was the go-to comic book game for me. Kevin Conroy continued to do what he does best as the voice of Bats and there’s some interesting storytelling that kept me engaged for most of the duration of the game. And of course Mark Hamill continues to killing him as the Joker and the shocking ending the devs followed. I also really liked the quality of combat back then and how I could use gadgets to my advantage.

Overall, while plenty of titles tried to compete with Rocksteady’s take on Gotham, they knocked it out of the park in ways that were harder to replicate than people thought.

LEGO Batman – Steve Tyminski, host of Stevetendo/Batman is a scientist!

Source: WB Games

What is my favorite Batman video game? I will have to choose the LEGO Batman game. LEGO games are fun, well-written games and LEGO Batman games don’t deviate from that formula. I have always been a fan of LEGO games. Where else can you “redesign” Gotham City with LEGO bricks while hopping in the Batmobile and going around town? Combine that with the ability to play as multiple Batman characters and have classic weaponry at your disposal and you’ve got yourself an adventure. You can also do pretty much anything you want in LEGO games and explore everywhere.

I also give an honorable mention to my first Batman game, Return of the Joker on Sega Genesis. I remember never going too far in this game because it was tough as nails.

These are our favorite Batman games. Riddle this, Shacknews readers: What’s your favorite Caped Crusader game? Join the conversation and let us know in the comments.

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