The AI-powered Obsbot Tiny 4K webcam keeps you looking great anywhere, anytime


There are webcams and there are webcams, but the Obsbot Tiny 4K is a webcam like no other. Despite its small size, it packs a 4K camera with a two-axis gimbal as well as artificial intelligence.

First of all, the Tiny Obsbot 4K is a webcam – it sits atop your monitor or laptop panel, or anywhere else you want to attach it – and it captures smooth, crisp video at 3840×2160 4K 30fps resolution, as well than a range of other resolutions.

The camera comes in at 147g and 89.4x58x58mm on its own, or 176g and 142x58x58mm with the stand. It features 4x zoom, two built-in omnidirectional microphones with noise reduction, manual and autofocus (MF/AF) modes, HDR, and an 86-degree field of view.

Plug it into the mains and plug it into your computer via USB, and away you go. Anywhere you would use a camera, you can also use the Obsbot Tiny 4K. It shows up in Zoom, Teams, your photo apps and everything else exactly as you expect it to, delivering colorful and crisp images. To give you certainty, there is also a privacy mode where you can be sure that the camera cannot record you.

Still, being a great webcam only scratches the surface of what the Obsbot Tiny 4K does.

The camera features a dual-axis gimbal with a controllable range of +/- 150 degrees pan and +/- 45 degrees tilt, moving at a maximum of 120 degrees per second.

As you’d expect, the camera can move and you can control it. Free download Obsbot TinyCam App for Windows or macOS to manage the device, moving the camera via an on-screen joystick.

That’s pretty neat on its own; you can rotate the camera and zoom in and out to show various objects or others in the room.

Still, you don’t need to. It’s also an AI-powered webcam that has all the smarts to handle tracking, auto-framing, and gesture control.

It’s true; out of the box, the camera will intelligently adjust the lens in real time to keep you in focus no matter how you move, and you can use specific hand gestures to make the camera reorient its focus focus and zoom in on you.

By default, gesture-based zoom is 2x, but you can adjust it in the app.

iTWire tried and found the novel Obsbot Tiny 4K smart and even fun to use and show off. It works immediately as it should, but may take you a few tries to master the gestures and understand how it works. You can see my first attempts here, and I got better with practice.

Here are some tips to help you.


I found out later that it didn’t matter if I used a virtual background – because of course the camera sees the real scene, even if I’m presenting something different from those I’m using. am in conference.

I also found that the camera microphones picked up my voice with clarity and worked in conjunction with the intelligence of the camera to focus on who was speaking and from where in the room.

It’s a smart, smart camera and still, it’s really light and really portable. In fact, it comes with a padded protective case so you can take it with you. It’s the camera you can put on your desk or take on the road for an impromptu conference call anywhere.

I even found a great use case – if I’m at my desk, I can sit the camera on my external monitors, but if I decide to work in the living room with the laptop on my lap, the computer built-in laptop the camera points to my face showing my flabby neck. With a little setup, I can instead position the Obsbot Tiny 4K at a higher position nearby – as it can sit stably on its dock without having to clip onto anything – and present a better face. Better yet, enable HDR for better visuals in low light or bright sunlight.

The Obsbot Tiny 4K is a webcam you have to check and see to believe. You can read the manual here, and also check out the official Obsbot video here. It’s available from $389.


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