The Delta Record | Pat’s Cat (February 3)


I told most of you that I live with my daughter, Cheryl “Robin” Bucklew. She moved here when she retired from her government job in Kansas City, Missouri several years ago. Some of you told me they never met her. I decided to present it to you in my Chat. I include a photo of her with me at Christmas a few years ago.

She does most of the cooking here. She makes sure we have fruits and vegetables of all kinds, especially greens and broccoli. We usually eat our fruits for breakfast and our vegetables for dinner. She likes to try new recipes. I mainly cook beans and cornbread, egg sauce and cookies, oatmeal (especially yellow oatmeal or polenta – (frying up leftover regular or yellow oatmeal), potatoes sliced ​​reds (from a wonderful invention, the tangerine slicer) I use a little bit of olive oil when I fry eggs or whatever You can see why I’ve gained weight since she moved in, but it’s not her fault if I eat too much. She collects recipes from everywhere and tries them. Yesterday she made vegetarian cabbage rolls, but the cabbage was sliced ​​and cooked with the others ingredients that included plant-based sausage, and it was delicious. call a flexitarian. I will eat what the Bible calls “clean” meat, but if I have a choice, I usually choose the vegetarian alternative. Tomorrow, on my birthday, I asked that we did NOT go out to eat but rather that they bring me a plant-based burger from somewhere and bring whatever they (She laughed Lyn Sapp and Robin ) want. Mary Ann, my only sister since we lost our wonderful brothers just days apart last year, and her helper will have a choice of burgers. Mary Ann never eats meat, so she’ll be fine with the plant-based alternative.

Robin is a wonderful ‘secretary’ and took over my Christmas card list and did 99% of our shopping for anything. It scared her a little when I had two problems with my legs, first with a swollen knee which was horribly painful, but it got better with taking it easy and using ibuprofen – lots – at first. Then when it got better I fell on my right hip and was in a lot of pain with that (no fracture, just arthritis added to the damage from the fall). It’s almost normal now, although I sometimes walk like an old woman (even though I’ll only be 88 tomorrow). I did not resume our daily walks, although Robin continued them without me. When the ice is gone, I think I can walk regularly again.

I spent my last hours of being 87 writing this Chat. I don’t feel a day older than 87, although I don’t know how I will feel when I resume our daily walk. I am so grateful to God for being able to do most of the things I have always done and for all the blessings of my loving children, my wonderful grandchildren and great grandchildren. I want to thank all of you who pray for the people I post on Facebook who need prayer. I appreciate each of you. We have seen miracles happen.

I got a call from Shirley Shires who is the sister of my late classmate, Eloise Williams. Eloise’s husband, Curtis Everette, died the other night at the age of 94. He had no problems, he just died peacefully in his sleep. There are a few of us 1951 graduates of Burnsville High School who are alive and in various stages of health. We hope that the danger of the variant COVID, etc., will not prevent the high school reunion again another year. We would like to be able to meet once again. I hear from classmates Helen Phillips Conley (she’s Eloise’s cousin and just as pretty), Kenneth Pulliam and his wife Betty Graff Pulliam, Carl Sizemore, Homer Heater, Buncy Bosley Marple, Peggy Skinner Morris, and early , I heard of Clifford Strader and I don’t know if Vonda Taylor Douglas, Hazel Brown Hawkins, Iva Lou Love Eubanks, Dorothy McCauley Hartman are alive. My memory isn’t what it used to be, so I’m pretty sure Iva Lou is dead. If any of you can update me on this, or maybe someone I missed, just email me at [email protected] God has blessed our class with many good people, many good friends that we have lost, and I pray that He will bless the rest of us with peaceful contentment for the rest of our days on Earth. I deeply believe that our old Earth will soon be welcomed by the Promised Savior who said, “If I go, I will come back”, and promised that He is preparing a place for us and that He will return and receive all His people. alive or dead and take us to heaven for a time before he comes to cleanse the earth and make it better than the original Garden of Eden. Then He will bring us back to live in the mansions He has prepared for all of us, and then we will go and build country houses and live in a world where there will be no plagues, no wars, no killing, no of badness. I can not wait. You also have a part in it, if you believe that Jesus died to pay for your sins. This is the meeting that we need to be in, people.



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