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I was recently looking for a new webcam for my desktop computer. I wanted one that would be of good quality and would have a good image. I’m not streaming, but I’m in an online graduate program with a week Zoom meeting for each class and I play J&D and other games on a weekly basis with friends. I don’t care if I have 4K, but I would rather have higher frames per second. I spoke with Logitech and they were kind enough to send me a Logi Streamcam revise. Over the past few weeks, I have enjoyed having this camera very much.

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect with the Streamcam. First, the MSRP is currently around $169.99 and it’s available from Logitech and many other outlets. It is available in white (the option sent to me) or graphite which is a dark gray. The Streamcam has an integrated cable to connect to your computer via USB-C and is designed to handle video up to 1080p at 60 fps. It comes with a stand for your monitor, but also has a stand for use with a tripod. I found this to be very thoughtful as it opens up a bit of versatility without an additional purchase. You can use the Logitech Capture software if you’re using a Mac or Windows 10, although it seems Windows 11 users don’t have the luxury. That being said, Logitech G Hub is able to adjust camera settings on Windows 10, Windows 11 and Mac devices. G hub the integration is especially nice if you have other Logitech products like me with a gaming keyboard and gaming mouse.

I was initially sad because the webcam doesn’t come with any type of adapter for people still limited to USB-A ports on their computers. Fortunately, I was able find one on Amazon which was capable of delivering 1080p with 60fps. You have to be careful when buying an adapter because other adapters I’ve tried weren’t fast enough and would get stuck at 720p/30fps or 1080p/30fps. I just wish a suitable adapter had been included in the box.

Once I got the adapter, setup was a breeze. I plugged it in, used Logitech Capture to check my frame rate and resolution, and was good to go within minutes. Of course, with the software, you can really dive into the settings and tweak a lot. If you’re curious about quality, I’ve made a short video that walks you through a number of resolutions, frame rates, lighting conditions, and even a test of the built-in mic that can be compared to my dedicated microphone.


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