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If you’re like most people, you probably have at least one credit card. And if you’re like most people, you probably have no idea how many points or miles you have. Luckily, there are a few different apps that can help you track your credit card points and miles. Here are two of the best.

1. Rewards Wallet

AwardWallet is a great all-in-one solution for keeping track of your credit card points, frequent flyer miles, hotel points, dining rewards, and shopping rewards. AwardWallet has several basic features. The app syncs with over 679 different loyalty programs, tracking your rewards program sales by connecting to websites containing information about your balance. In addition to tracking your points and miles, AwardWallet tracks upcoming expiration dates and reward redemption options. AwardWallet syncs with your email and travel accounts to pull travel booking data from any travel confirmation email and travel account.

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The AwardWallet merchant finder allows you to search for merchants and identify how transactions with those merchants are coded for certain credit card transactions. Some of the most common bonus categories for credit card spending are groceries, gas, travel, and meals. However, not all types of traders are equally easy to classify. To find out, just search for the store in question in the merchant finder and it will show a list of confirmed credit cards that earn more than one point per dollar at that particular merchant.

AwardWallet is free, but charges $30 per year for additional features, such as viewing historical data and unlimited expiration dates for your miles and points. AwardWallet also has browser extensions that allow you to automatically log into some of the loyalty program websites they have added to the site.

2. MaxRewards

MaxRewards is another great option for tracking your credit card points and miles, as well as maximizing your rewards. The app lets you track multiple loyalty programs in one place, and it also provides detailed information about each program, including earning rates and redemption options. You can see your net worth in rewards along with your overall balance, credit card balances, credit card usage, and credit limit. It offers a handy feature that reminds you of your upcoming bills and their automatic payment status, and it lets you monitor each issuer’s credit cards.

One of the main features of MaxRewards is to recommend the best credit card to use at nearby merchants to maximize your rewards. Credit cards often offer bonus rewards and offers you may not know about. MaxRewards automatically activates quarterly bonus categories and offers on credit cards from all different issuers. MaxReward also finds and lists all your connected credit card offers so you don’t miss any of them. They integrate these offers with the best card recommendations so you can maximize both your savings and your points. Many credit cards offer a bonus reward if you spend a certain amount, and MaxRewards will track your spending up. registration bonus minimum spending requirement.

MaxRewards is free to download and use, and the majority of the app’s features are free. MaxRewards is only available on a mobile device. You can pay to become a Gold member and access exclusive features such as automatic activation of Amex offers, BankAmeriDeals, Citi Merchant offers, Chase offers and more. Interestingly, the Gold Membership cost is whatever you want it to be, so you can name your own price.

Technology can help you manage your finances

There is no doubt that credit cards offer excellent rewards programs. But unless you keep track of your points and miles, those rewards can quickly go to waste. In addition, credit cards continue to offer more and more offers and bonuses. Luckily, there are a few different apps that can help you keep track of it all. So if you’re looking for an easy way to make sure your rewards don’t go to waste, check out one of these apps!

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